Saturday, July 11, 2009

3DS Max Integration!

It's been a while since I've posted anything here. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned the project, life has just gotten really hectic as of late. That aside, I find myself with a bit more free time these days, so I can once again bet back into the swing of things with coding my engine, codenamed DM3D.

After a long and arduous battle with the 3D Studio Max SDK, I managed to integrate the engine directly into the 3D Studio Max interface. This will prove extremely useful as I make models and objects for the small games I have in mind. The idea for adding this functionality was admittedly conceived after I ran into a tool for the Ogre3D engine known as oFusion. I will be creating an external "level editor" for future games, though I believe having the ability to view art within the modelling application itself exactly as it will appear in game will be of large benefit in the future.

I have also been researching and playing around with the now-popular techniques for deferred shading and deferred lighting. There is certainly a lot to consider when it comes to deferred versus forward rendering techniques, but I am really beginning to like the advantages offered by a deferred rendering solution. If I can come up with a satisfactory way to solve the alpha-blending issue, I will most likely implement this technique.

As always, other small advances have been made, bugs have been fixed, things have been changed. I'm still alive, the project lives on! By the way, I failed to mention in any posts before, if you have any questions about how I've implemented a certain technique or you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me an email, the address can be found on my profile page by following the "View My Complete Profile" link on the right side of the page.

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