Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Legend of Roto

This was probably the most fun of all the projects I worked on during my time at Full Sail. In a 3-man team, my partners and I developed a full game from start to finish in a mere 2 months. The Legend of Roto is meant to be a prequel to the Dragon Warrior series. It is meant to be an explanation as to how the warrior Erdrick -actually- became so well known, and why his armor, token, and sword are found in random places throughout the world of Dragon Warrior I.

In The Legend of Roto, the player takes on the role of Lota. The player has a bird's eye view of the world. All actions, such as fighting and exploration, take place in real time. While deviating from traditional RPG format, this maintains a seamless adventuring experience for the player. Lota, with the help of a brave and friendly Slime, will have to fight and survive the treacherous caves which are inhabited by many foes. The caves are generated randomly upon the start of a new game, giving the player unlimited exploration experiences. During exploration, the player can interact with many other characters, find maps and helpful items to guide Lota along.

During the course of this project six-week, I was able to expand upon the 2D engine I started with the Lil' Ninja game, as well as learn what it takes to code a complete game from scratch. I also designed and implemented my customized scripting language for this game, known as LoRScript, which is used to program the behavior of all NPCs and enemies in the game. Thanks to Seth Gorden's awesome tools and map editor, we were able to create an enormous world populated with completely randomly generated dungeons and humorous NPC encounters. Unfortunately, with the amount of time that was available for the project we weren't able to fill the world with as much content as hoped, so expect a few empty walks from town to town as you journey on your way. This project is available for download Here.

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