Tuesday, October 21, 2008


With 5 months to develop a game, 2 of which were strictly for planning, bringing Madcap to fruition was no easy task. Myself and a team of 5 other programmers came together to create this game from start to finish, always striving for excellence as we went.

I'll let the dust jacket story do the talking for a summary of this project: "Completely surrounded by enemies, your machine gun is your only friend. As pilot of a giant war machine known as a Helix you have been contracted to stop the spread of a computer virus. The virus is capable of infecting Helix, causing them to attack anything in sight. Fire rockets, shoot machine guns, and swing your sword to destroy all Helix who get in your way. You’re in it for the money. Saving man-kind – it’s simply a way to earn it. "

At its heart, Madcap is a customizable mech 3rd person shooter. During the process of this game's creation I was able to further refine my ability of game engine design by architecting and overseeing the development of the game's code from start to finish. I learned a lot about rendering in OpenGL and even wrote a 3D Studio Max mesh importer/exporter for my custom 3D file format. The part I enjoyed most about working on this project was being able to learn more about 3D scene management and rendering techniques in general. The entire team put a lot of effort into this project, and given the time constraints it's a little buggy, but give it a try anyway. You can download the demo Here.

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